Getting Started

What’s going on, welcome to the official Clinically Addictead tea blog. This is a super short intro post just to establish what’s going on here, what can be expected, etc.

This blog isn’t meant to be the fanciest specimen of internet media you’ve ever laid your eyes on, not even the pictures posted here are meant to be that. When I post, be it a picture, blog post, tea review, I do what needs to be and should be done, nothing more. My current photo qualities aren’t going to be great, but guess what, you’ll get a picture of what tea I’m drinking, and an (somewhat) in-depth review of its taste. Cool. As someone trying to figure out where their life is headed, hobbies are already time consuming enough, never mind turning that hobby into a bunch of documented information.

So now that I’ve set some low expectations, a quick discussion on why you should stay:

  • I’m broke, maybe you are too! If you aren’t, here’s to finding out how to be happy with tea and be broke.
  • Still a teenager finding his way, tea is helping in the meantime, perhaps you can relate to some or all of that.
  • I talk about how tea tastes, not everyone’s gonna review every tea I do. Stay for the diversity if nothing else.

So welcome, pull up a chair and check your steep time, because as of posting this I have over 1 kilogram of tea in the mail. We’re gonna have plenty of fun.