200X A & 1995 OG Liquid Proust Teas Double Review

Quick Intro:

Alright, I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. Might be a bit hard to write some stuff here. At the end of the day though, I realize, you just have to get some things off of your chest. Especially if that something is some moderate tea.

What do I mean by this? In my days of tea drinking, I find that I typically run into very diverse, very unique, and very easy-to-describe flavors. The words come to me (accurate in description or not), and I’m able to, at least in my own way, pinpoint the flavor of whatever tea I may have just drank.

Well, that didn’t happen with these teas. To put it plainly, they weren’t an explosion of flavor, they didn’t slap me in the face with neither high notes of sweetness nor low notes of astringency. These teas, when I tried them, were just kind of there.

But through this experience, I came to terms with appreciating these sorts of teas. Not crazy in character, but mellow. And now I appreciate that. What’s been so hard for me to write this is saying anything less than great things about a LPT tea, but considering these two are holding up 5 more tea reviews, it really has to be done. Sorry Andrew of LPT, still love you man, and rest assured the 100g of Charcoal Roasted Oolong that I nagged you to find is being put to good use.

So! With my pathetic inability to write honest reviews out of the way, let’s dive right in.

200X A

Merchant: Liquid Proust Teas
Sampled: 11/21/2017
Price: $7.25 / 25g (29c / g)

So my first mistake with this review is that, at the time of writing, I’m entirely out of this tea and have to go strictly off memory for this review, which means as a whole, these will both be pretty short. Whoops.

This sheng was a very basic one. It had a bit of a sweet-savory flavor, but was not powerful in any regard. The tea as a whole was very mellow and approachable. I documented that it would make a great entry-level tea for someone who’d never tried sheng before. It’s astringency has definitely mellowed out over the years, which has given it a nice, tame flavor. To be frank though, it was nothing to write home about; I described it as a “what you see is what you get” tea – there were no hidden flavors to be discovered 4 steeps in, no layered flavors, no interesting details upon further examination. It’s just a decent, calm tea. Good as a daily drinker for its simplicity I’d assume, but I personally wouldn’t pursue purchasing any more of this tea; I prefer diversity and a bit more excitement in my tea. As previously mentioned though, this would definitely be a great tea to have a friend try if they’ve never tried raw pu’erh before.

200X in the gaiwan


1995 OG

Merchant: Liquid Proust Teas
Sampled: 11/22/2017
Price: $9 / 25g (36c / g)

I enjoyed this tea about as much as I enjoyed the other. This oolong did present a bit more depth and interest to be had in its flavor, but not by much. The tea managed to be incredibly chocolaty while not being too sweet. Having a few notes of earthiness and some toast-iness to it, it made another very pleasant tea. Smooth in texture, and once again approachable, it would make a good tea for a party. In very late steeps, I also got a sort of fruity taste? Not citrus-y by any means, but nothing that I could directly relate to a specific fruit either. The leaves on both teas were of extremely high quality though, if nothing else – whole leaves were everywhere. Though I only gave these 3 stars each (out of 5), I don’t think they’re bad teas. They’re calm, low-energy teas that have their place; I just personally don’t seek for teas in this ‘place’ very often. For the casual drinker who wants a simple, solid brew, however, these are both great options.

1995 OG in the Piao I
Brew Color


Alright, so that’s that. Two teas I wasn’t crazy about, but needed to get a review out for. Excuse the lack of quality for this first post, there’s some real great teas coming up, and more in-depth reviews, that I can promise. Till then, keep your tea high and budget low, and #gongfuorbust as always.